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Video Presentations

Title:- Hot Taps In Our Showroom.
Description:- This short clip shows 3 Boiling Taps that we have on display in our Billericay showroom.
Duration:- 01m 28s
Title:- Siemens Cooking Products.
Description:- A video showing the Siemens Built In cooking products.
Duration:- 04m 04s
Title:- Mereway Kitchens – 25 Years.
Description:- A fun little video showing how strong Mereway units are.
Duration:- 01m 45s
Title:- Siemens TV Advert.
Description:- The Siemens TV advert that you may have seen, it shows a lot of the product.
Duration:- 00m 30s
Title:- Silent Move Work Top.
Description:- A new concept in creating an island sitting area.
Duration:- 00m 22s
Title:- Emotion Nova.
Description:- Have a look at our new NOVA product.
Duration:- 04m 21s
Title:- Climber.
Description:- A Short video showing a new style of wall unit.
Duration:- 00m 27s
Title:- German Kitchens.
Description:- Come with us on a tour around the working of our german suppliers Factory.
Duration:- 07m 50s
Title:- Blum Servo Drive.
Description:- A fun video showing how easy Blum Servo drive is to use.
Duration:- 02m 22s
Title:- English Revival Kitchen.
Description:- A collection of photos displaying English Revival.
Duration:- 01m 08s
Title:- Cooker hood buyer guide.
Description:- Thinking of purchasing or installing a cooker hood? In this buyer’s guide Miele talks you through the key points to consider during your kitchen design journey.
Duration:- 04m 59s