Case Study 031

Case Study 031

Kitchens are made to bring friends and families together.

This high end kitchen has been created by using a mix of ‘AV2030 gloss taupe’ on the bank of wall and tall units while the base units have been finished in ‘AV2030 gloss pearl grey’. The door finishes have been beautifully compliments by the ‘Designer white Corian’ worktop with up stands.

This kitchen has been designed to any families dream. The island in the middle or the room really is the heart, as it is close the dining table close enough to casually chat and talk to family while cooking and prepping. As well as having stools to the side for you to perch on if you wanted to be closer to the cooking action. The island has a ceiling mounted extractor which is perfect because there isn’t anything to block or obstruct your view where peering round to chat to people at the table or on the stools.

This kitchen is a balanced mix of both handless and handles which works well as it still achieves the desired sleek finish while being practical. The tall bank of units have been paired with our Mereway 720 handles, this is so as to help make it easier especially for younger children and older grandparents, to open the larger doors on the full size fridge and freezer because of the vacuum seal. The chosen handles do not distract from the rest of the kitchen or stick out as they sit within the lines of the door and drawer splits and, are stainless steel matching the handless trim. The base and wall units have been made handless which then create long continuous lines for your eyes to follow making the room feel even bigger.

This kitchen is jam packed with all kinds of gadgets to help when cooking those all-important family dinners. The client has opted for a Siemens induction hob along with 2 full size ovens one of them with steam to help keep food juicy and full of flavour, accompanied by 2 vacuum and warming drawers to warm your plates ready for serving or to seal your chicken in your marinade ready to be put straight in the oven to cook. The customer has also got full size Miele fridge and freezer, as well as a wine cooler and a Zip tap for instant filtered boiling or chilled or normal water.