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At Hutton Kitchens, we pride ourselves on creating a dream kitchen for our customers. Our styles range from modern styles with the latest combinations of colours, textures, and finishes. Or maybe a timeless combination of traditional designs, we will ensure that your kitchen is one that we can all be proud of.

Our projects normally start once you visit our superb showroom. Stunning displays are set over 2 floors highlighting our exceptional style and quality.

One of our experienced designers will arrange an appointment to evaluate your existing kitchen space and discuss your requirements.

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    Modern Kitchen Design

    Don’t compromise. Demand the very best in modern kitchen design, and look forward to getting exactly that from Hutton Kitchens.

    These days, there’s so many incredible modern kitchen possibilities, isn’t there? Insisting upon exceptional contemporary kitchen design means choosing from a dazzling array of the very latest in modern living kitchen options. Have fun, and feel supported, being gently guided by kitchen professionals with a wealth of practical and design experience. We won’t rush you. We won’t stubbornly give you the kitchen we want you to have. Relax and enjoy taking your time browsing and experimenting with different combinations of colours, textures and finishes; before excitedly exclaiming “That’s it!”

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    Handleless Kitchen Design

    Are you ready to ‘go handleless?’ Great. Why? Because clever kitchen design isn’t ‘just’ about impressive appliances and the smart use of space; clever concealment of kitchen cupboards and drawers is also integral to ingenious kitchen design overall. Recessed handles built into cupboards contribute massively to a kitchen’s streamlined look, its general sense of uninterrupted flow.

    Whether you’re eating alone; cooking for the family; or throwing a dinner party for discerning guests, minimalist and sleek handleless doors can play a fundamental role in making your brand-new, or recently refreshed kitchen, a modern space that’s irrefutably the embodiment of cool.

    Say goodbye (or maybe good riddance?) to projecting handles, and look forward to spending time every day in a handleless kitchen that’s a veritable masterclass in clean lines design and the quintessence of effortless.

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    In-Frame Kitchen Design

    In-Frame? That’s where kitchen cupboard doors are inset within a wooden frame, amplifying aesthetic appeal. Think traditional craftsmanship where a timeless atmosphere is created, the kitchen feeling unquestioningly like ‘the heart of the home’. That said, in-frame design is also a widely popular choice for those seeking an über-cool contemporary kitchen with the very latest appliances, not only for the desired look but also for durability.

    Every day, Hutton Kitchens completes kitchen installations drawing from years of experience and utilising unparalleled expertise. Customers love the feel of solid furniture that our factory manufactured or hand-made in-frame design brings, the result of inspired artistry fused with years of solid in-frame practical success. They enjoy the ease-of-use when smoothly opening doors and drawers set within a traditional frame fixed to their cabinets.

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    Contemporary Kitchen Design

    Let’s be honest, there’s contemporary and then there’s CONTEMPORARY. Hutton Kitchens can design for you a stunning new kitchen that, every time you enter it, indisputably puts you very much in the NOW. The irony of it all? Well, maybe it’s that we focus primarily upon showcasing space, rather than the beautifully designed and finished cupboards, drawers, worktops, integrated island, and the appliances within.

    Yes, you’ll get all that and more, but your contemporary-designed kitchen from us will include everything you need, conceived with our unmatched knowledge of smart space creation very much in mind. Look forward to subtlety borne of ingenuity. Think sleek, simple and sumptuously slick. Imagine seductive sophistication tailored to your personality, lifestyle and home. And tingle all over picturing clean lines and the intelligent use of colour and texture brilliantly redefined, in your very own modern-day kitchen masterpiece.

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    Traditional Kitchen Design

    A kitchen for all seasons. Who doesn’t want that? Come spring, summer, autumn or winter, a traditionally-designed ‘farmhouse’ kitchen always somehow feels like a place to gather at home, doesn’t it? Hutton Kitchens are renowned as being past-masters at creating Timeless. No one else quite has the same eye for conjuring Classic designs based around traditional styles.

    Can you really have the beauty of a traditional design but without compromising upon modern practicality? YES. As well as being a wonderfully welcoming warm hub in your home, can your traditional kitchen also be operationally super-efficient, so that more time can be spent relaxing than working in it? ABSOLUTELY. You’re certain that traditional is the style you want but perhaps feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options? Don’t worry. Our traditional kitchen design experts can help you decide.

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      We may occasionally contact you with offers of products and services can we contact you?

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      How We Work


      Led by Managing Director Ed Scott, Hutton Kitchens can boast a spectacular Billericay showroom, set over two levels, an award-winning design team, and an enviable track record of success.


      For countless elated customers over the decades, our process has proven to be nothing less than a winning kitchen design, supply and installation formula:

      1. Visit our showroom. We’d love to meet you here.
      2. Feel good that your dream kitchen is about to become a reality, beginning with a friendly discussion on the range, style and functionality of your new kitchen.
      3. Then it’s our turn to come to you! One of our experienced designers will arrange an appointment to evaluate your existing kitchen space and to discuss your requirements.
      4. Then, back at our showroom, we’ll present our design proposal for your new kitchen, using 3d colour drawings and a comprehensive, clear, detailed cost schedule.
      5. Updated design solutions can then be produced to tailor the design to your preferences.
      6. Once we arrive at your decided design solution, a final set of drawings and a cost schedule will be produced. At this stage a 20 percent deposit is paid to confirm the order, and our installation team will receive project details.

      What happens then?

      Our Project Management Team will arrange a visit and recheck the technical aspects of the installation. A full project assessment will be made, with a detailed programme for the installation being produced for agreement.

      What if walls require removing?

      Before work commences, our co-ordinated building, electrical and specialist services team will visit to check details of the existing property. This may include our structural engineer, if the proposals include removing any walls. If so, we’ll handle all that; don’t worry – structural changes, deliveries, lighting, appliance checking, all the way through to final completion. But, wait, it’s not time for the BIG MOMENT quite yet…

      Being perfectionists, the Hutton Kitchens team will carry out a final inspection (with you present, of course), with any remedial or additional items being agreed, to allow us to satisfactorily complete your fabulous new kitchen installation. At that exciting stage, take a deep breath: expect to have your dream kitchen expectations not only fully met, but wonderfully exceeded.

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